Why working
Teta Casting

As TETA CASTING company, we conclude the demands of our customers in a reliable and experienced way, from the technical drawing, proposal stage to the ready-to-ship product stage.

We are a company that carries out its activities in Izmit central industry with our foundry and foreign trade company. It operates on 5000m2 and we are a company that has been producing many parts for the European market for over 25 years.

As a company, our vision is to use our experience, which is the experience of many years, in the manufacturing industry and to provide customer demands and satisfaction for the European market.


Our Work Parts

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Teta Döküm is rising towards sectoral leadership with fast and correct steps.

1Why choose Theta Casting?

Because we do our job in the most professional way.

2What are Teta Casting services?

Castin, Moulding, Core Making Section

3Where does Teta Casting serve?
Teta Casting Turkey is a company based in Istanbul but providing intensive services in Europe and Asia.